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What’s the difference between a Martial Art and a “martial art”?

  English can be a really funny language, and by “funny” I mean “strange” not “humorous” (see, already I’m proving my point). English has words that have multiple definitions that can only be guessed at sometimes from either knowledge of the speaker/writer’s intent – or […]

Is Aikido REALLY a Martial Art? YES!

  Aikido IS part of the array of arts in Japan that are considered “Martial”. The reason for this is that Martial Arts in Japan are subsumed into the practice of following “The Warriors Way”, known as Budo.  The development of “warriors”, rather than soldiers, […]

Is Aikido REALLY a martial art? NO!

  Here’s why “No” – When the idea that a “warrior’s way” (exclusively the domain of trained soldiers whose privilege to study was a function of inheritance) passed away; the idea that part of the essence of those ancient physical systems of warrior training could […]

Why Aikido?

There are many differences between Aikido and most other martial arts. Aikido is only self defense. There is no kicking, punching or competition. Beyond that, people seek out Aikido for personal growth and fitness. They stay because students are friendly, cooperative and helpful, and also […]

Aikido is accomplished “between the beats”

In all forms of Aikido – but perhaps especially in the Yoshinkai style – there are “forms” or Kata. We study these forms over and over, trying to perfect our movement and technique. We usually follow these forms through an entire range of motion from […]

Aikido movements are a delight

As a chiropractor, I am continually delighted by the physiologically sound and efficient movements of Aikido. In my study of a fascinating book on functional movement lines of our bodies, I came across a section describing the forward roll used in Aikido (and Judo). The […]