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We have two Blogs on this site. the first contains posts related strictly to Aikido.

The second presents thoughts as to how Aikido might be a tool for persons in recovery from addictions.

Please feel free to leave comments on either of these blogs.

The blogs are moderated, however.

It is not our intent to provide access to these resources to persons that do not make a sincere effort to communicate, thoughtfully and civilly. This is a space for meaningful dialog. the Aikido blog is NOT a space to debate techniques from various systems – or to ask questions about those types of technical issues. It IS a place to discuss ideas, concerns, and ponderings regarding Aikido and its place in a civil society.

The Addicitons/Recovery blog is NOT a place for judgments or hateful comments. It IS a place to explore concepts and considerations about the journey of recovery.

If you make a post and do not see it appear shortly on the blog – then your post did not meet our standards for creating useful and meaningful communication. If you resubmit, your revised comment will be re-evaluated.

Aikido Blog

Aikido and Addictions Blog

Thank you!