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Source’s of Inspiration – 2; Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma

Recovery Dharma is a community of peers that encourages Buddhist-based recovery to addiction. This type of Buddhist addiction recovery brings together those suffering from substance use disorders. The unity and bond shared between members helps them become free from the suffering that addiction has caused.

The program is peer-led and non-theistic. It welcomes all those who wish to pursue recovery as part of their community. Recovery Dharma is founded on, and inspired by, Buddhism that originated in India and later on flourished in other regions of Asia (e.g., South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Central Asia). The program  deeply appreciates the Buddhist heritage that was protected and freely offered by the ancestors of these cultures.

Recovery Dharma Global is a nonprofit organization that maintains a list of Recovery Dharma meetings, shares materials, and organizes events to explore and strengthen the Recovery Dharma program. 

Recovery Dharma Sangha Groups are local members who join together to support each other on this path of recovery. Members form wise friendships, and organize gatherings such as weekly meetings, workshops and other events. Local Sangha Groups are autonomous. (self-governing).

Recovery Dharma Intersanghas are groups of groups. Sometimes they organize geographically, such as around a city or region. Other times they organize by topics of recovery, affinity groups or circles of interest. Intersanghas are autonomous (self-governing).


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