Est. 1987
Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo

AikiConcepts Address Indianapolis Jordan YMCA

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Getting Started

Aikido is meeting again! Please inquire about times and fees at the Jordan YMCA (but not program information) or Contact us for both.

Visitors are always welcome to observe classes – but because we are housed in a YMCA there is a process for admissions. If you are interested in seeing what we do and meeting our fellowship then please call — Chris Howey, Sr. Instructor at 317-650-4047.

It’s easy to start our classes. Just begin! All classes are ongoing, so beginners can join in at any time. There is a short registration form and payments are made through the Jordan YMCA.

A new Aikido student is mentored by a senior student, with activities geared to the new student’s experience level.

Participants can purchase a uniform from us at a class meeting but we suggest you begin by wearing long-sleeved and long-legged exercise clothing. Most Aikidoka practice with bare feet. Shoes are not worn on the practice mat, but socks are fine.