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Yoshinkan Aikido Dojo

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Getting Started

Due to Covid, Aikido is not meeting currently. Inquire about Jodo.

Visitors are always welcome to observe classes. Calling or emailing ahead is not necessary, though appreciated.

It’s easy to start our classes. Just begin! All classes are ongoing, so beginners can be integrated at any time. There is a short registration form. There are no contracts to sign.

Aikido: A new student is offered an introductory price of $150 for the first three months study (a $75 savings). They may also buy a uniform or practice in a long-sleeve cotton shirt and sweatpants. Students who attend high school or college are eligible for discounts.

A new Aikido student is mentored by a senior student, with activities geared to the new student’s experience level.

Youth Aikido: Currently not scheduled. Children can begin studies at age five if they can maintain attention for one hour. Youth classes emphasize working together and learning safe falls. Parents are encouraged to also participate, if they wish.

Aikido classes can be a wonderful and unique, way to share experiences with your child. Participants can purchase a uniform from the school, or wear a sweatsuit.

Jodo: Meeting Wednesdays.