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Welcome to the Addictions Recovery with Aikido blog

Several years ago a dedicated individual, Jason P, called our dojo to talk about the possibility of starting up a special class for individuals in recovery from addictions. Jason was in the process of trying to rebuild his life and family after years of addiction. I thought Jason’s idea had real promise. I took the idea to the AikiConcepts’ Board and to the pastor of the church that hosted our dojo at the time. Everyone concurred that the blending of the 12 Step approach and Aikido study had great promise in providing an additional tool for those working on recovery.

Jason and I worked for several months to bring such a project to fruition. Ultimately, the idea failed to draw interest from the recovery population to which Jason had access. The attempt failed, but the notion was grand!

One of Jason’s contributions to the project was the creation of a collection of “thoughts” on the blending of Eastern practices (including Aikido) and the process of recovery. 

Jason wrote the vast majority of the following posts, while I added what I could, as to the parallels between his musings and Aikido philosophy.

Jason always tried to organize his writings in a way as to reflect sources for concepts and quotes. He draws his reflections from traditional 12 Step thinking, Buddhism, and “Recovery Dharma.”

In my editing of his work I hope I did justice to his concerns and reflections. If I failed, I apologize for any errors. They are solely mine and totally unintentional.

~ Chris Howey


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