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Is Aikido REALLY a martial art? NO!


Here’s why “No” –

When the idea that a “warrior’s way” (exclusively the domain of trained soldiers whose privilege to study was a function of inheritance) passed away; the idea that part of the essence of those ancient physical systems of warrior training could benefit the “common man” was born. The purpose of modern Japanese Martial Arts is no longer to fight and kill – it is a study for self-improvement and development. It is a metaphor, not a real thing.

The old “martial training” necessary to prepare Samurai to kill died a long time ago. It was no longer useful in the Japanese civilian society trying desperately to find its way in a modern world. 

NONE of the old “martial arts” are any longer actual ways to train soldiers. Real “martial” training today uses M16s, hand grenades and drones. Except for elite units, hand-to-hand combat is a minor blip in a modern soldier’s training.

Martial Arts are just that – ARTS. They are not supposed to be – and they are not – ways to train soldiers.

So, Aikido is clearly a “Martial Art”. It was one of the last arts that derived from a feudal form to become codified, but it is definitely not a “martial art”.

A better question might be:

Is Aikido good for Self Defense? See another post for that discussion…


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